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10 forms of blue canine breeds

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Technically, blue canines aren’t Really blue. As an alternative, they’re extra of a silver-gray colour. The precise shade of blue varies from canine to canine. Many blue canine breeds even have blue noses and eyes, which contributes to their silvery look.

Many various genetic elements contribute to a canine’s blue colour. Merle canines have a selected merle gene, for instance. Sadly, this gene contributes to some well being issues. Nevertheless, different canine breeds have dilute black genes, which result in the silvery-blue colour. These genes usually are not recognized to trigger well being issues.

In whole, 10 widespread canine breeds may be blue. Another breeds may seem blue at instances, however this is not at all times of their breed normal. Let’s discover out 10 forms of blue canine breeds.

1. Australian Mountain Canine

The Australian Cattle Canine has a number of vitality as a working canine.

Madelein Wolfaardt/Shutterstock.com

The Australian Shepherd Canine developed when sheepdogs have been delivered to Australia. These canines ultimately developed into their very own breed, as they have been remoted from European sheepdogs. Immediately this canine remains to be fairly widespread in Australia, though it may be onerous to search out exterior of the nation.

The Australian Cattle Canine has a number of vitality as a working canine. In addition they want a number of psychological stimulation. Subsequently, they aren’t at all times the simplest canines for the common canine proprietor.

These canines can are available in many various blue patterns. They are often strong, speckled, or mottled.

2. Kerry Blue Terriers

side view of a Kerry Blue Terrier standing
Kerry blue terriers have engaging, curly coats.


Solely the Kerry blue terrier is available in blue, therefore the identify. They’ve a pretty, curly coat that may be something from a light-weight grey to a deep slate. Often, the pinnacle, ears and different extremities are darker typically even black.

That stated, Kerry blue terrier puppies usually are not born blue. As an alternative, they’re born black. Slowly, canines’ coats lighten to a blue colour by means of a course of referred to as bleaching. It takes 18 months for a canine to develop his mature coat colour. In the event you undertake a pet, anticipate it to be black.

3. Weimaraner

Gray dog ​​breeds
Some Weimaraners have dilute black genetics.

Weimaraners are often gray-brown in colour, as most carry dilute brown genes. Solely the American Kennel Membership settle for this colour.

Nevertheless, some Weimaraners have diluted black genetics as an alternative. This mix of genes leads them to have a metal blue coat. These canines are fairly engaging, aesthetically talking, however they aren’t accepted in canine reveals.

Because of this, many canine ​​breeders don’t deliberately breed blue Weimaraners. If you need considered one of these engaging canines, you’ll usually have to discover a specialist breeder.

4. Boston Terriers

Boston Terrier - Boston Terrier teeth
Often, Boston terriers could inherit a blue coat.

Roschetzky Pictures/Shutterstock.com

Often, the Boston terrier has a black and white coat. Often although, these canines can inherit a blue coat. This coloring comes from a diluted gene, which turns the standard black into gray.

Sadly, the American Kennel Membership doesn’t settle for this coat colour. Subsequently, these canines usually are not allowed in canine reveals, making them a lot rarer than different canines. Most breeders purposely keep away from this gene. If you’re interested by a blue Boston terrier, you have to to discover a breeder who particularly breeds this colour.

Due to their rarity, you may typically pay extra for these canines as properly.

5. Chihuahuas

Chihuahua puppy on soccer ball
Chihuahuas can have a strong blue coat.

iStock.com/Aime Martin

Chihuahuas haven’t any scarcity of engaging coat colours, together with slate blue. Nevertheless, this gene stays comparatively uncommon. It often solely seems when breeders particularly attempt to attain for it. Chihuahuas with this colour are sometimes costlier because of their rarity.

Chihuahuas can have a strong blue coat or they’ll are available in two totally different colours. For instance, tan, fawn, brown, and white are generally paired with blue. All forms of chihuahuas can have blue coats.

Though Chihuahuas are very small, that does not imply they do not require a number of work. These canines require the identical train and coaching that different canines do exactly in a smaller package deal.

6. Bearded Collie

Types of heeler dogs - Bearded Collie
Bearded collies typically have a blue again and tail.


The bearded collie does not are available in many various colours. Nevertheless, blue and white are included. Usually these canines have a blue again and tail. However their underside is often white, no matter base colour.

Like many puppies, these canines usually have a darker coat when they’re born, however this coat lightens because the canine ages.

As a herding breed, this canine has a number of pent-up vitality. Subsequently, they require a number of train and stimulation. They’re clever canines, however this does not at all times come by means of in coaching.

7. Italian Greyhound

Italian greyhound on green grass
Italian greyhounds can are available in a number of colours, together with blue.


The Italian Greyhound is far smaller than the conventional greyhound we’re used to. These canines can are available in a number of totally different colours, together with blue. They typically present white markings on their face, chest, and stomach.

Like nearly all blue-colored canines, this breed carries the genes for a dilute black coat. Clearly, once you dilute black, you get grey.

Regardless of being toy canines, Italian Greyhounds require loads of train. Subsequently, they work finest for an lively household who plans to take their canine on quite a few outings.

8. Australian Shepherd

Australian Shepherd
Australian Shepherds are well-known for his or her merle coat, which may give them a blue look.


The Australian Shepherd is among the many hottest canines in the USA. They’re well-known for his or her merle coat, which may give them a blue look. In addition they often have shiny blue eyes. That stated, Australian Shepherds are nearly by no means fully blue.

Often, the merle coat combines grey, black, white, and blue. Typically brown additionally seems. The merle gene causes dilute patches all through the canine’s coat, ensuing within the blue coloration. The quantity of spots varies enormously from canine to canine. Some merle canines could not have any, whereas others could have coats which might be nearly fully grey.

Whereas these canines are widespread, they could be a lot of labor. As a result of they’re herding canines, they’ve a number of vitality. In addition they occur to be one of many smartest canine breeds round. Whereas these intelligences are helpful for coaching, their excessive intelligence results in boredom. When a canine is bored, they have a tendency to take pleasure in themselves, typically involving damaging habits.

Maintaining these canines entertained and exercised is usually a part-time job. Subsequently, be sure you can deal with their wants earlier than adopting one.

9. Nice Danes

Gray Great Dane puppy lying on white background
Often, Nice Danes have a strong blue-gray coat with white markings on the underside.


Nice Danes are one of many largest canines round. They will additionally sport blue coats. Nevertheless, not like most breeds, they’ll obtain this coloration by means of a number of gene pathways.

Some Nice Danes inherit dilute black genes, just like most different canines on this listing. Often, these Nice Danes have a strong blue-gray coat with white markings on the underside.

Alternatively, Nice Danes also can inherit a harlequin coat. This sample is harking back to a merle coat. Nevertheless, a separate genetic code causes it, so these canines usually do not develop the well being issues related to the merle gene. These canines have patches of blue over a white base.

Nevertheless, a few of these canines can have extra blue patches than white backgrounds, making them look similar to strong coloured canines.

The most important impediment to adopting a Nice Dane is their colossal dimension. These canines take up a number of area. Fortunately, they typically do not do way more than simply grasp round. Their stamina is comparatively low, limiting the quantity of train they want. Nevertheless, you want to have sufficient area for them to develop, which is commonly not attainable in a smaller home or residence.

10. Neapolitan Mastiff

Largest Dog Breeds: Neapolitan Mastiff
Black, blue, mahogany, and fawn are all Neapolitan Mastiff colours.

Sue Thatcher/Shutterstock.com

The Neapolitan mastiff weighs as a lot as a Nice Dane. Nevertheless, they’ve much more muscle and usually are not fairly as tall. They’re a strong block of cloth, because of their previous as watchdogs.

This breed can are available in many various colours and shades. Black, blue, mahogany, and fawn are all accepted by the American Kennel Membership. At instances, these canines may be almost plain colour. Nevertheless, at different instances they might have a striped or brindle look.

Just like the Nice Dane, these canines take up a number of area. Often, they are usually carpet canines, spending many of the day trip and about. They require minimal train and are fiercely dedicated to their homeowners. Many think about them to be wonderful watchdogs, particularly since their dimension tends to scare off potential intruders.

Nevertheless, you additionally want to think about conserving these canines. They need to eat lots to keep up their determine and can typically take up a number of area inside your property.

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