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What sort of canine is Clifford? Breed data, footage and information

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Since 1963, Clifford the Large Crimson Canine has turn out to be a beloved character of younger readers around the globe. Norman Bridwell has written over 80 youngsters’s books in regards to the adventures of Clifford and his younger proprietor, Emily Elizabeth. Clifford, after all, isn’t any abnormal outdated canine. Though each of his dad and mom have been full-sized canines, Clifford one way or the other grew to over 10 ft tall! Clifford’s irregular dimension typically will get him into bother, however his loving coronary heart and dependable perseverance make him a fascinating character. Many youngsters learn Clifford the large pink canine I typically dream of proudly owning such an incredible canine however what breed of canine is Clifford? Let’s take a more in-depth look!

What sort of canine is Clifford?

The writer of the well-known Clifford the large pink canine youngsters’s guide collection, Norman Bridwell discovered himself needing to make some additional money to assist his spouse and new daughter, so he began doing freelance illustrations on the facet. One of many editors he labored with recommended that he take one of many photos he had drawn and write a narrative about it. Bridwell selected a photograph of a giant pink hound with just a little lady. Nevertheless, as seen in his youngsters’s books, Bridwell finally reworked that authentic canine into one thing just a little extra magical.

Impressed by his earlier drawing of the hound and the little lady, Bridwell got down to create Clifford the Large Crimson Canine. He imagined Clifford as one thing of a mean mutt, with no distinctive race. Clifford’s behaviors and actions have been all based mostly on real-life canines, however many various breeds and traits went into the method of making this iconic canine.

Within the Bridwell books, Clifford was a full-sized pet, born to full-sized lapdog dad and mom. At first there was nothing actually uncommon about him, however as he continued to develop he by no means stopped! Whereas Clifford’s bodily look was out of this world, Bridwell wished to finally show that Clifford wasn’t supernatural or something out of the abnormal. He was only a canine just like the others, albeit a large one.

The Clifford we all know and love at present has many various canine breed traits, however broadly these boil down to 3 particular breeds:

  1. Hound
  2. Vizsla
  3. labradors


A bloodhound is among the widespread search and rescue canines. These canines are very energetic and keen to observe a scent for miles.


Unique drawing by Bridwell which impressed him to put in writing Clifford the large pink canine it depicted just a little lady and a big pink hound the dimensions of a pony. A lot of Clifford’s character and traits come from this canine breed. By nature, hounds are inquisitive and pleasant animals with massive floppy ears, massive our bodies, and highly effective legs that may carry them throughout miles of adverse terrain whereas following a specific scent. They’re pleasant and will be very relaxed. Nevertheless, they have been bred as scent canines for monitoring and discovering individuals, so they’re additionally very lively. Their wonderful sense of scent and monitoring abilities can typically get them into bother, identical to Clifford and lots of of his unintentional adventures.

Bloodhounds usually stand 23 to 27 inches tall and weigh 90 to 110 kilos. Their coats are liver and tan, black and tan, or pink in coloration. These spectacular hounds have been initially bred to hunt wild boar and deer however later turned extremely prized for his or her unequalled capability to trace people even when the scent was solely days outdated!


regal Vizsla out in the grass
The vizsla originated in Hungary.

iStock.com/Anna Pozzi

Clifford the Large Crimson Canine intently resembles an outsized vizsla. Vizslas are a lot smaller than our 10-foot-tall canine hero and usually develop about 2 ft tall and weigh between 44 and 60 kilos. Nevertheless, identical to Clifford vizslas are recognized for his or her stunning, easy pink coloured coats. Vizslas come in several shades of pink; some are brilliant and daring like Clifford, whereas others are a darkish russet and even an virtually golden hue. They’re related in look to looking canines with massive floppy ears and excessive vitality natures. Vizslas, nonetheless, are light-footed, elegant athletes with a lot leaner our bodies.

Like Clifford, vizslas are additionally delicate and loving. They develop robust bonds with their homeowners and do not prefer to be alone. Vizslas are very loving canines and dependable to their households. They’re very type and make wonderful household companions. Nevertheless, as a result of they have been bred as looking canines, they’ve plenty of vitality and want loads of bodily and psychological exercise. Clifford additionally struggles with this trait, as Emily’s household shortly discovers that she wants more room to run and play, particularly along with her monumental dimension.

Labrador retrievers

labrador retriever puppy
Labradors are pleasant and like to play. They’re normally yellow, chocolate, or black, however on uncommon events their fur can be a reddish coloration.


Along with his vizsla and hound traits, Clifford additionally resembles a Labrador retriever. Just like the loving vizsla breed, Labradors are extraordinarily loving companions and would do something for his or her homeowners. These canines are outgoing, lively, and pleasant to everybody they meet. Labradors are a few of the hottest canines resulting from their candy faces and lovable personalities, they usually socialize effectively with different canines and people. Nevertheless, identical to Clifford, Labradors are very energetic and enthusiastic and these amiable athletes want plenty of train and play.

Right this moment it is vitally uncommon to see a pink Labrador. Most Labs are chocolate, black, or yellow. Nevertheless, there’s truly one red-colored Labrador retriever: the fox-red Labrador, although it is technically only a very darkish variation of a yellow lab. At first Labradors typically had darker colours whereas mild coloured Labs have been a lot rarer. Nevertheless, resulting from this rarity, in addition to their portrayal in promoting and media, mild coloured Labs have turn out to be extra widespread, inflicting breeders to selectively breed for lighter colours. Mockingly, since darker colours just like the fox pink Labrador are actually rarer than mild coloured canines at present, they’re slowly changing into a well-liked selection once more, so you may even see these Clifford trying canines sooner or later.

Why is Clifford pink?

The three fundamental breeds that match the character of Clifford the Large Crimson Canine can all have pink or reddish coloration variations. Nevertheless, that is not why Bridwell made Clifford a pink canine. In an interview he confessed that the one paint he had available on the time was pink, so he went forward and used it! In the end, nonetheless, Clifford’s brilliant, brilliant pink coloration provides a sense of vitality and motion to the illustrations, which is essential for exciting younger, creating brains. As well as, the intense pink coloration distinguishes Clifford and offers it a cheerful look.

The opposite canines of the Clifford household

Within the 1982 guide, Clifford household, Clifford decides to return to city to go to his household. The illustrations on this guide reiterate as soon as once more that neither Clifford nor his household is only a single breed of pedigree canine. Every canine within the household appears much like Clifford in profile, however with many coloration and sample variations.

For instance, Clifford’s mom and his sister, Claudia, have yellow or sandy coloured fur. His brother Nero works on the hearth station and has rusty pink fur lined in massive darkish patches. Clifford’s subsequent sister, Bonnie, is a white coloured canine who herds cattle on a farm. Her father is a grey canine ​​with scruffy fur who lives in a small village the place he performs fortunately with all the youngsters within the neighborhood. Every member of the Clifford household, as you’ll be able to see, has an general bodily construct like Clifford and a character that incorporates most of the traits of the three main Clifford canine breeds (pleasant, energetic, hardworking, and many others.). Nevertheless, every canine additionally has its personal distinctive look. This helps reinforce the truth that Clifford is not only a single canine breed, however a novel mixture of many, making him a particular, one-of-a-kind canine.

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